Important Issues




We MUST make Ohio attractive to new businesses by lowering taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and repealing some of our laws that prevent free markets and competition.  


Education:  Ohio desperately needs education reform.  The property tax burden on our home and landowners is to the breaking point.  With the rising costs of food, clothing, heating fuel,and electricity we simply cannot support more school levies.  This is evident by the number of school levies that failed in recent years.  


Too much reliance has been put on the Federal and State governments to educate our children. The Department of Education spends 3 Billion dollars a year on “education” and Ohio spends nearly 10 thousand dollars per student.  For the taxpayers generosity the state receives 11 cents on the dollar from the feds and the local school districts get even less from the state.  


Our education system is upside-down.  The responsibility for educating our children begins with the parents, then the local communities and school districts.  Simply put, it is not the job of the federal and state governments to educate our children.  If we, the taxpayers, were not giving a huge slice of our hard-earned money to support bureaucracies we would have more money in our paychecks to support our local schools.  It should not be up to the government to dictate the curriculum that we want taught to our children.  They are our children and, with input from our teachers and school boards, it should be our choice on what they are taught.  


Nullification and Sovereignty:  The tenth amendment of the US Constitution is short and simple, yet it is probably one of the most abused.  It states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  


The most important function of the government of Ohio is to protect its citizens.  The greatest threat to our liberty is the over reaching power of the federal government and every member of the state legislature is to resist its encroachment on freedom.  


We should work to nullify all unconstitutional federal laws, forbid federal officials from enforcing these laws in Ohio, and to sequester those federal taxes that don’t fund constitutional purposes.  


Nullification is a responsible and peaceful way to resist federal police state tyranny without submission on one hand or armed revolution on the other. 


As a representative I will work toward creating a peaceful, sovereign, free, and prosperous Ohio.  


I would also work with legislatures from other states on Article V amendment conventions to restore our republic to what the founders intended.

"I was a Democrat for many years, then I switched to Republican. Now both parties are essentially the same and only influenced by special interest and party lines. I'm voting for Bob Sherwin because he cares about people, not a paycheck and a title."


"Bob Sherwin has my vote. I'm tired for voting for the lesser of two evils. Boose and Lark are only out to please their party, not to please the people they are supposed to represent. GO SHERWIN!!!"