Campaign News

The Libertarian Party of Ohio’s lawsuit against S.B. 193 has not been settled yet.  So, with the filing deadline expiring tomorrow, December 16, 2015, we will not have ballot access for the March 2016 primary election.  I will, however, try to get  on the ballot as an independent so that I can still spread the libertarian message and inform the voters as to the reason that they only have two parties to choose from. 

If you recall from my earlier postings here,  in 2013 the Ohio General Assembly passed S.B. 193, which makes it very difficult for a party other than the D’s and R’ to gain ballot access.  Shortly after that bill passed someone (a so-called registered “libertarian”) filled a challenge to our gubernatorial candidates petition because the paid petitioner gathering signatures did not indicate his place of employment  on the back of the petition, although he was self-employed and had no place of employment.  This petitioner had done the exact same thin 11 times before and none of his petitions were ever challenged.  And, as it turns out, someone in Governor John Kasich’s own inner-circle paid the legal fees for the person that challenged the petition. 


I will need 341 valid signatures in my district (Ohio House District 57) before March 2016 to get on the ballot.  This will be quite a challenge now that the weather will be turning much worse, but I am willing to give it a try.  I will need help!  If you would like to help me, please drop me a line in the contact form on this site and I will send you my cell phone number.  Thanks!


Bob Sherwin, independent Candidate for Ohio House District 57

"I was a Democrat for many years, then I switched to Republican. Now both parties are essentially the same and only influenced by special interest and party lines. I'm voting for Bob Sherwin because he cares about people, not a paycheck and a title."


"Bob Sherwin has my vote. I'm tired for voting for the lesser of two evils. Boose and Lark are only out to please their party, not to please the people they are supposed to represent. GO SHERWIN!!!"